EMIA-Expert: Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

The EMIA-Expert Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer is founded on HORIBA’s extensively reputed non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology expertise.

It provides enhanced cleaning efficiency, improved durability, user-friendly software, operability, and maintenance to guarantee effective measurements. Its shortened cycle time expedites users’ development and manufacturing speed.

Advanced Functions for EMIA-Expert

EMIA-Expert consists of advanced functions to identify high-performance analysis besides the standard functions of EMIA-Pro.

High-Performance Purifier Unit for Carrier Gas

Allows measurement of ultra-low carbon concentration with high precision by removing hydrocarbon impurities present in the carrier gas.

High-Performance Heating Filter Unit

Moist samples or those that produce water during analysis can result in a small error in the sulfur analysis. This is a result of the evolved water absorbing the SO2 gas. With the help of the heating filter, the absorption of SO2 by moisture has been avoided, and exact sulfur analysis is ensured.


Long mean time between maintenance (MTBM)

The special newly developed cleaning mechanism (patent pending) helps clear the dust in the furnace, enabling the operator to continue using the EMIA-Expert/Pro without support cleaning for up to 200 measurements.

It relies on sample and measurement condition.

Before measurement.

Before measurement. Image Credit: Horiba Scientific

After 200 measurements.

After 200 measurements. Image Credit: Horiba Scientific

High throughput

EMIA Series could complete one measurement cycle, “measurement-display result-cleaning,” in 70 seconds (that is, around 50 samples/hour).

Fast and easy maintenance

With the latest innovations, the cleaning time for the EMIA Series instruments is usually half of that of the traditional models. The flat design present around the crucible stand and the simple design around the furnace streamlines user access for cleaning.

Flat design around the crucible stand.

Flat design around the crucible stand. Image Credit: Horiba Scientific

Advanced operation software

A crucial focus was to guarantee that the EMIA-Expert/Pro Series was “easy-to-use.” The company focused on the layout, operating menus, and functions.

The company has included a self-diagnostic monitor checking ability to hinder the status of the connected device. It is an alarm function that has been expanded to three navigators to enable daily operation.

EMIA-Expert: Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

Image Credit: Horiba Scientific

Analysis navigator

This function makes use of the suggested best measurement flow and operating conditions based on users’ experience.

Troubleshooting navigator

Automatic diagnosis system and troubleshooting navigator available

Maintenance navigator

Periodic preventive maintenance work navigator by videos and photos.


The customer could extend the functionality of the system at any time, even after installation, based on their requirements.

  • Halogen trap unit
  • Auto-sampler (20 positions)


Source: Horiba Scientific

Contents EMIA-Expert
Required sample amount 1 g ± 0.1 g
Typical Meas. time 70 seconds/cycle
Carbon Meas. Range (m/m) 0.6 ppm - 10.0%
Blank accuracy σn-1 ≦ 0.3 ppm
Sulfur Meas. Range (m/m) 0.6 ppm - 1.0%
Blank accuracy σn-1 ≦ 0.3 ppm
Sample meas. Accuracy Carbon σn-1 ≦ 0.3 ppm (less than 20 ppm) 
σn-1 ≦ 1.0 ppm or RSD≦0.5%(more than 20 ppm)
Sulfur σn-1 ≦ 0.3 ppm (less than 20 ppm) 
σn-1 ≦ 1.0 ppm or RSD≦0.75% (more than 20 ppm)
Utility Carrier gas Oxygen (Purity; 99.5%, Pressure; 0.3-0.33 MPa)
Operation gas Nitrogen (Purity; 99.5%, Pressure; 0.35-0.38 MPa)
Power 200/220/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 5 kVA
Dimensions Main unit* 500 (W) x 725 (D) x 710 (H) mm
Purifier unit 160 (W) x 560 (D) x 512 (H) mm
Mass Main unit approximately 134 kg
Purifier unit approximately 21 kg
Data processing and operation USB data communication with PC Windows 8.1
Touch panel or Key board and mouse operation
Model name EMIA-20E: Carbon/Sulfur
EMIA-21E: Carbon
EMIA-22E: Sulfur

Note) "ppm" is equal to mg/kg.

*Except piping parts, projection parts (D:79mm) and flow meter on the back side.


EMIA-Expert: Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

Image Credit: Horiba Scientific


Crucible pre-heating unit

The crucible pre-heating unit; FK-100 with automatic transportation function available to heat a ceramic crucible at 1100° in 10 minutes before analysis.

EMIA-Expert: Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

Image Credit: Horiba Scientific


Availability of automation crucible loading and disposing unit. Nearly 20 pcs of the crucible are available to be set.


Ceramic crucible

Low-carbon blank and high-dimension tolerance for high-precision analysis.

EMIA-Expert: Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

Image Credit: Horiba Scientific


High-purity materials that assist stable analysis: Tungsten (W), Tin (Sn), Copper (Cu), and Iron (Fe).

EMIA-Expert: Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

Image Credit: Horiba Scientific


Quantitative analysis of carbon contained in bone substitute material

Is it possible to rapidly and easily quantify the amount of carbon present in the material?

EMIA-Expert: Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

Image Credit: Horiba Scientific

Measurement of carbon and sulfur in cement

The EMIA 820V C/S analyzer can be used to quantify cement.

Battery evaluation in electrical equipment

Measurement of sulfur in rubber

The addition of sulfur is done in the natural rubber to produce plastic materials. It is essential to quantify the sulfur contained in the rubber to characterize the mechanical and chemical properties of the final product.

Measurement of carbon in ferrosilicon

Ferrosilicon has been added as a deoxidant and also as an alloying element to steel, which needs a unique low-carbon content. The low carbon in ferrosilicon helps reduce the magnetostriction and electrical conductivity of electrical steels.

EMIA-Expert: Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

Image Credit: Horiba Scientific

Quality assurance for the analysis of steel by gas component analysis

Sample preparation and sampling methods for the gas analysis of steel

Measurement of carbon and sulfur in copper

Copper, in reddish metal, is ductile, malleable, and is also an extremely good conductor of both electricity and heat. Copper metal finds extensive application in water piping, electrical wiring, and corrosion-resistant parts, either pure or in alloys, such as bronze and brass. Carbon and sulfur are impurities and it is necessary to quantify and check the purity of copper.

Measurement of carbon and sulfur in titanium oxide

In the production of paints and plastics, titanium oxide is utilized primarily and is also used in printing inks, paper, cosmetics, textiles, and food stuff.

Carbon analysis: organic and inorganic carbon in soils

Samples can be made to remove inorganic carbon (carbonates) present in soils.

EMIA-Expert: Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

Image Credit: Horiba Scientific

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