Universal Fiber Coupling Solution - Steady State Solutions

The confocal, universal fiber coupling solution from HORIBA Scientific enables easy connection of any of the hybrid and steady state fluorometers to virtually any inverted or upright microscope. The unmatched precision and sensitivity of Single-Photon Counting and the speed and sensitivity of CCD detection are the Spectrofluorometric capabilities.

Likewise, fluorescence spectral mapping capabilities make use of an automated fast scanning X-Y stage to produce rapid spectral maps with micron level spatial resolution.

Certainly, the company’s microscope solutions preserve the original optical performance and capabilities of the microscope. For instance, no optics are added to the entire emission optical path. The high performance cooled fluorescence camera can be used to image the user’s field of interest.

Once an area to spectrally analyze is identified, just switch the filter cube to a suitable dichroic or a beam splitter and divert the light to the fluorometer. By doing so, high resolution spectra can be collected. Tailor-made solutions are also available to measure in the NIR and UV regions, outside of the standard range of the microscope.

With the Addition of a Microscope

  • Obtain spectra from as little as a few molecules of sample.
  • Measure complete spectra of samples as small as 1 μm.
  • Carry out localized FRET measurements.

Add an Automated Stage and Camera to Gain

  • Complete spatial/spectral maps.
  • Repeated QC characterization of structured samples like photovoltaics.

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