X-Ray Guide Tube - XGT-5200 X-Ray Analytical Microscope

The Bench Top XGT-5200 X-Ray Analytical Microscope with its innovative X-ray Guide Tube allows convenient access to perform X-ray fluorescence analysis with high spatial resolution from 1.2 mm down to 10 µm. There is no need for sample preparation or vacuum as the object is positioned in the sample chamber and tested at a normal atmospheric pressure.

Fully integrated software regulates acquisition options, sample movement, and data analysis (including quantitative and qualitative analysis, and composite image generation). From the time the sample is placed in the chamber, only a few seconds are needed until an acquisition is started, assisted by the in-built ‘point and click’ selection of the analysis position.

The sample is visualized using coaxial geometry, so that parallax errors are eliminated. Users can have total confidence that where they see is where they sample.

Two X-ray guide tubes are provided in the system, allowing the users to easily switch between micro and macro beams, so that a variety of experiments can be conducted.

The high-intensity beam provided by these guide tubes guarantees that acquisition times are maintained to a minimum. The mono-capillary design of these guide tubes is perfectly suited for high-intensity element imaging, even of samples which are not impeccably flat.

XRF mapped images are easily attained via automated sample scanning, and the provision of a second detector underneath the sample enables concurrent acquisition of X-ray transmission images. The extra structural information provided by this technology is very useful for finding regions of interest or probing the internal structure of a sample.


Highest Spatial Resolution

HORIBA’s unique X-ray guide tube technology offers the highest spatial resolution micro-XRF analysis, with X-ray beam diameters down to 10 µm. The high intensity, ultra-narrow beams delivered by the guide tubes allow the rapid, non-destructive analysis of microscopic characteristics.

Complete Range of Sample Sizes

The accommodating sample chamber enables a wide variety of samples to be examined, spanning from a 10 µm spot analysis on a microscopic feature to mapped analysis of areas as big as 10 cm x 10 cm.

Transmission X-Ray Mapped Imaging

Together with XRF imaging, the XGT-5200 allows transmitted X-ray images to be obtained. This can be used to conduct internal structural analyses and to locate regions of interest not visible. Scanning is performed with a narrow perpendicular beam, resulting in vivid penetrating images even for non-flat samples such as cylindrical parts.

Integrated Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

Intuitive software permits the easy control of instrument hardware, rapid sample visualization, quick selection of measurement region, and complete data analysis. Operations include automated peak identification, RGB composite image generation, quantitative measurements, and line profile analysis.

Bench Top X-Ray Guide Tube - XGT-5200 X-Ray Analytical Microscope

Highest spatial resolution
Transmission X-ray Mapped Imaging
Complete range of sample sizes
Integrated Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

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