Microsense Microliter Fluorescence Measurement Solution

The Microsense Microliter Fluorescence Measurement Solution available from HORIBA Scientific allows users to make repeatable and precise fluorescence measurements of µL volumes, as less as 1/300th of a standard sample. Users can simply pipette their samples without any dilution, which means the samples can be recovered easily.

The solution can be cleaned easily and does not entail any carry-over. In addition, it can be utilized with all lifetime or steady-state fluorescence systems available from HORIBA Scientific.

The Microsense Microliter Fluorescence Measurement Solution is suitable for:

  • Analysis of intermediates and exploratory chemistry
  • Researchers determining with high sample turnover
  • Molecular biologists experimenting with nanogram to microgram amounts of protein, RNA, or DNA

Key Features

Product features of the Microsense microliter fluorescence measurement solution are:

  • Eliminates sample dilution and makes it possible to recover sample
  • Extremely small volumes: only 1-5 µL of sample is required
  • Easy to clean for quick turnover
  • Samples can be easily removed and added with conventional laboratory pipettes
  • Can be utilized in all lifetime or steady-state fluorometers

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