Ultima Expert - High Stability ICP-OES Spectrometer

High Sensitivity, High Resolution and High Stability ICP-OES Spectrometer.

  • The Ultima Expert is specially designed to handle the most challenging applications and offers the highest performance on the market
  • Total plasma view and radial viewing provide the lowest detection limits in ICP-OES spectrometry
  • Unique sheath gas feature offers unrivalled stability on samples with high total dissolved solids content, up to 30% dissolved solids
  • Continuous wavelength coverage from 120 to 800 nm with Far UV option and improved sensitivity for halogens analysis or the use of alternative wavelengths
  • Its high-quality optical design integrates a high density holographic grating and one meter focal length to provide the highest resolution on the market as well as high stability and sensitivity for the most demanding applications
  • Unmatched spectral resolution minimizes interference with <5 pm for wavelengths in the range 120 - 320 nm
  • Optional dual grating system, provides <6 pm resolution up to 450 nm for line-rich matrices such as geological or precious metals, and rare earth elements applications
  • Patented HDD® detection provides sub-ppb to percent level in a single analysis
  • Dynamic range of up to 10 orders of magnitude using Image
  • Unique HiStab device can achieve exceptional stability for demanding applications
  • Optional 0.5 m or 1 m polychromator for simultaneous analysis

Image Navigator

  • Full spectrum display with multiple spectra display capability
  • Image navigator is designed for semi-quantitative analysis, thanks to full spectrum acquisition
  • Automated semi-quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Visual comparison with overlaid spectra display capability

MASTER, Find Easily the Right Wavelength

  • MASTER enables method development by performing automatic selection of appropriate lines according to the concentration range of each element and the matrix. MASTER is based on the proprietary S3-base developed with real ICP spectra acquisitions and containing over 50,000 wavelengths identified with full spectroscopic data.
    • Automatic wavelength selection
    • Sensitivity, interference level, and dynamic range criteria to adjust line selection
    • Synthetic spectra display

S3-base Viewer

  • The entire S3-base database is displayed on the S3-base viewer, which helps to identify emission lines in unknown samples.
    • Full S3-base database available
    • Display of the list of potential emission lines, including plasma inherent lines, near a selected wavelength with their detection limits and relative intensities
    • Display of analyte wavelength and its detection limit and relative intensity
    • Graphic display of analyte emission line and potential emission lines for facilitated identification

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