EMIA-Expert Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer from HORIBA

The EMIA-Expert Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer is based on HORIBA’s well-established expertise in Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology. It is a high performance model that provides enhanced cleaning efficiency, improved user-friendly software, operability, durability, and maintenance to ensure efficient measurements. Its shortened cycle time speeds up the development and manufacturing speed.

Advanced functions for EMIA-Expert

The EMIA-Expert has advanced functions to achieve high performance analysis in addition to the standard functions of EMIA-Pro.

High Performance Purifier Unit for Carrier Gas

The system enables measurement of ultra-low carbon concentration with high accuracy by removing hydrocarbon impurities in the carrier gas.

High Performance Heating Filter Unit

Samples that generate water or are moist during analysis may cause a small discrepancy during the analysis of sulfur. This is because of the evolved water absorbing the SO2 gas. The absorption of SO2 by moisture is prevented using the heating filter, and highly accurate sulfur analysis is ensured.


The main features of the EMIA-Expert are as follows:

Long Mean Time Between Maintenance (MTBM)

Before measurement

After 200 measurements

The unique recently-developed cleaning mechanism (patent pending) removes the dust in the furnace, allowing the operator to continue using the EMIA-Expert/Pro without maintenance cleaning for up to 200 measurements. This depends on sample and measurement condition.

Fast and Easy Maintenance

Flat design around the crucible stand

Flat design around the crucible stand

With the latest advancements, the cleaning time for the EMIA Series instruments is usually half of that of conventional models. The simple design around the furnace and flat design around the crucible stand also simplify user access for cleaning.

High Throughput

The EMIA Series can complete one measurement cycle, “measurement-display result-cleaning”, within 70 seconds (approximately 50 samples/hour), twice faster than conventional instruments.

Advanced Operation Software

A critical focus was to ensure that the EMIA-Expert Series was “easy-to-use”. Specifically, the company focused on the layout, functions, and operating menus. HORIBA has added a self-diagnostic monitor checking capability to assess the status of the connected device, an alarm function, and they have expanded three navigators to assist daily operation.

  • Analysis Navigator – This function uses the recommended best measurement flow and operating condition based on HORIBA’s experience
  • Maintenance Navigator – Periodic preventive maintenance work navigator by photos and videos
  • Troubleshooting Navigator – Automatic diagnosis system and troubleshooting navigator


Customers can extend the functionality of the system at any time, even after installation, according to their needs.

  • Halogen trap unit
  • Auto-sampler with 20 positions

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