Raman Photoluminescence and Cathodoluminescence - R-CLUE

HORIBA Scientific’s R-CLUE is an all-in-one fiber-coupled solution that provides photoluminescence (PL) and cathodoluminescence imaging, co-localized Raman and spectroscopy analysis.

The R-CLUE is based on HORIBA Scientific’s extended expertise in PL and Raman spectroscopy with tried and tested optical components, thus ensuring reproducibility, optical stability, and collection efficiency.

The small footprint of the R-CLUE within and outside the SEM, as well as its deported spectroscopy modules, enables it to be fixed on a wide range of specimen chambers.

The R-CLUE is 100% automated and computer-controlled, from positioning the retractable parabolic mirror to changing the Rayleigh filter, and selecting the grating and detector. This feature enables it to be quickly adopted by even non-spectroscopist users.

LabSpec 6 Simply Powerful software suite is used to control the R-CLUE, thus offering sophisticated exclusive functionalities for both quick imaging and spectroscopy analysis (cosmic ray removal, KIA spectral database, SWIFT, advanced 3D display, multivariate analysis, peak fitting, mosaic, particle finder, etc.)

Key Features

The features of the R-CLUE, designed exclusively for high-end research labs, are as follows:

  • Fully computer-controlled
  • Fiber-coupled interface
  • Field upgradable
  • Injection-rejection Raman filters
  • Co-localized laser and e-beam excitations
  • Multi-wavelength Raman lasers
  • Integrated video camera

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