XploRA Nano - AFM-Raman for Physical and Chemical imaging

The XploRA Nano available from HORIBA Scientific is a fully integrated system developed based on the SmartSPM advanced scanning probe microscope and the XploRA Raman micro-spectrometer.

The XploRA Nano is compact, 100% automated, and user-friendly. It is built to concentrate the power of AFM-Raman into an inexpensive yet full-featured platform, rendering TERS imaging a reality for everyone. The TERS is a well-established system.


Multi-Sample Analysis Platform

  • Macro-, micro-, and nano-scale measurements can be carried out on the same platform.


  • Completely automatic operation enables users to begin measuring within minutes, instead of hours.

True Confocality

  • Automatic mapping stages, high spatial resolution, and complete microscope visualization options.

High Collection Efficiency

  • Top-down and oblique Raman detection for the best resolution and throughput in co-localized as well as tip-enhanced measurements (Raman and photoluminescence).

High Spectral Resolution

  • Highest possible spectral resolution performance, wide spectral range analysis for PL and Raman, and multiple gratings with automated switching.

High Spatial Resolution

  • Nanoscale spectroscopic resolution (down to 10 nm) via tip-enhanced optical spectroscopies (Raman and photoluminescence).


  • Several SPM modes, such as conductive, AFM, and electrical modes (KPFM and cAFM), liquid cell, STM, and electrochemical environment, along with chemical mapping via TERS/TEPL. Complete control of the two systems via a single workstation and robust software control, spectrometer and SPM can be run concurrently or independently.


  • High resonance frequency AFM scanners with noise-free operation. High performance is gained without active vibration isolation.

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