EMGA-921 – Hydrogen Inert Gas Fusion Analyzer

The EMGA-921 from HORIBA Scientific measures Hydrogen using the inert gas fusion technique in a large variety of materials: ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, inorganic materials and refractory materials. It can handle multiple applications including metallurgy, additive materials, electronics, catalysis, solar cells, battery precursors, etc.

The EMGA-921 is powered by an impulse furnace and a TC (Thermal Conductivity) detector offering the highest sensitivity and accuracy for the determination of Hydrogen. Multiple accessories are available for enhanced automation. With its user-friendly software, users can easily access to control of the instrument, analysis, reporting, diagnostics and maintenance navigation.

Key Features

  • Wide range of measurement with up to 0.02% (1g sample weight) and high precision measurements
  • Dual Flux/Sample Introduction Mechanism
  • Prevents spatter, controls crucible erosion and allows the use of optimized temperature for flux outgassing resulting in optimization of flux efficiency and blank reduction for high accuracy measurements
  • Programmable Temperature with Hold Mode
  • Up to 10 programmable steps using level or ramp modes to differentiate surface contamination from bulk content and characterize different forms or phases of Hydrogen. Hold mode automatically detects a peak and stabilizes temperature until measurement is done
  • Automatic cleaner, gas doser, crucible loader and autosampler available for enhanced automation and unattended operation
  • TC detector providing the best sensitivity and accuracy for Hydrogen determination


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