Fast Imaging Cathodoluminescence - i-CLUE

The i-CLUE cathodoluminescence microscope from HORIBA Scientific provides the maximum performance in cathodoluminescence imaging. It is the easiest and swiftest way to gather CL images, thus offering a robust structural analysis of a sample at the nanoscale.

The i-CLUE is based on optical fiber modular design. It is a groundbreaking solution that can be upgraded at a later stage in the field to F-CLUE full hyperspectral CL analysis system.

The performance of the mirror with low roughness collection and high numerical aperture, which is connected to an enhanced acquisition chain and detection, enables the i-CLUE to deliver up to 10 times higher sensitivity than regular CL imaging solutions.

The i-CLUE comes with a compact and fully retractable interface, thus providing a convenient solution that can be completely integrated with a majority of the commercial electron microscopes, without any change in their original configuration.

The CL imaging scanning and processing are completely controlled by the Electron Microscope software, thus enabling an SEM professional to easily use the microscope.

Key Features

Following are the features of the i-CLUE that offers the best price-to-performance ratio for a plug-and-play fast CL imaging module:

  • Driven by EM software
  • Ultra-compact panchromatic CL detection
  • Large field of view ellipsoidal mirror collection
  • Imaging touch-screen control
  • Manually retractable mirror

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