SE Simple Thin Film Measurement Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

HORIBA Scientific has introduced a new thin film measurement tool called Auto SE which has been specifically designed for thin film measurements. The tool enables complete automatic analysis of thin film samples with easy and simple push button operation.

The instrument allows sample analysis which can be performed within seconds and offers a comprehensive report which completely describes the stack of thin films, including film thicknesses, film inhomogeneities, surface roughness and optical constants.

The ellipsometer is a highly featured tool, comprising a real-time imaging of the measurement site, an automatic spot size selection and an automatic XYZ stage. A number of accessories are available to suit a wide range of applications. It features integrated diagnostic indicators which help in detecting and diagnosing problems with complete operator guidance for troubleshooting. Multiple automatic features and ease of use make the Auto SE ellipsometer a complete turnkey instrument for device quality control and thin film measurement.

Key Features

Product features of the Auto SE Simple Thin Film Measurement Spectroscopic Ellipsometer are:

  • Highly featured system
  • Thin film analysis made easy
  • Microspot down to 25x60 µm
  • Sample vision system
  • Wide choice of accessories


Specifications of the Auto SE Simple Thin Film Measurement Spectroscopic Ellipsometer are provided in the table below:

Wavelength Range 450 to 1000 nm
Measuring Time 1 second
Accuracy NIST 100 nm d +/- 4A, n(632.8nm) +/- 0.002
Optical Resolution 2 nm
Angle of Incidence Fixed at 70 Degrees (also 66 and 61.5)
Film Thickness Inquire


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