Smart SE Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

HORIBA Scientific has unveiled the Smart SE Spectroscopic Ellipsometer which is a powerful, versatile and cost-effective instrument for quick and precise thin film measurements. The system distinguishes thin film thickness ranging from a few Angstroms to 20 µm, thin film structural properties, like anisotropic and optical graded layers, roughness etc., and optical constants (n,k).

The instrument allows users to measure the spectral range between 450 and 1000 nm within a short period of time, and with the help of the DeltaPsi2 software platform, ellipsometric data can be studied. This software combines two stages of software to meet standard analysis with predefined recipes as well as sophisticated analysis with high-tech ellipsometric modelling.

The ellipsometer is a low-cost research and development tool and provides research-grade performance at a reasonable price. The tool can easily and quickly measure the entire 16-element Mueller matrix for complex sample analysis and offers seven automated micro spots having size down to a few tens of microns for determining minute features. It also offers an integrated vision system to promote precise spot positioning.

The Smart SE has a versatile design which promotes complete automation of goniometer and sample stage and also allows in-situ utilization on process chambers. The instrument is suitable for any budget for different application areas such as organic compounds, microelectronic, display, photovoltaic, surface treatments and optical coatings.


Specifications of the Smart SE Spectroscopic Ellipsometer are provided in the table below:

Wavelength Range 450 to 1000 nm
Resolution Better than 3nm
Light Source Combined Halogen and Blue LED
Measuring Time 1 sec to 10 sec
Measurement Mode(s) ex-situ and in-situ
Accuracy Air Measurement: Y=45°±0.05°; D=0°±0.2°
Angle of Incidence 45°-90° by step of 5°
Film Thickness Inquire


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