EMGA-920 O/N Analyzer from HORIBA

The EMGA-920 O/N analyzer is HORIBA’s "New flagship model” for O/N analyzers and user-friendly product. This oxygen and nitrogen elemental analyzer offers high accuracy and repeatability, and suits R&D as well as quality control of cutting-edge technology in the market of steel, catalyst, new materials, and others. This is a new generation model improved to fit the user's demands.

A non-dispersive infrared detector measures the oxygen as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. The nitrogen is measured by a thermal conductivity detector.


The key features of the EMGA-920 O/N analyzer are as follows:

Super High Performance

Wide Range and High Precision Measurement

  • Range:
    Oxygen: 0 - 5%, Nitrogen: 0 - 3%, Hydrogen: 0 - 0.25%
  • Precision O/N::
    σn-1 ≦0.3 ppm or CV ≦1.0% for STD sample
    σn-1≦0.02 ppm or CV≦0.5% for Reference gas
  • Precision H:
    σn-1 ≦0.04 ppm or RSD ≦2.0% for Reference gas

Double detectors of oxygen (CO and CO2), long type cell and optimized design of TCD provide broad range measurements.

  JSS GS-6b JSS366-8 JSS GS-1d
(3.4 µg/g)
(7.5 µg/g)
(1.6 µg/g)
1 3.42 7.72 1.59
2 3.28 7.74 1.60
3 3.48 7.51 1.61
4 3.25 7.69 1.55
5 3.51 7.25 1.62
Average value 3.39 7.58 1.60
Standard deviation 0.11 0.20 0.02



The EMGA meets requirements of standard methods for the analysis of steel, titanium, ceramics etc.

  • ISO10720, ISO17053
  • JIS G1228
  • ASTM E1019, ASTM E1569, ASTM E1409…

User-Friendly Software

Measurement Window

Simple software enables facilitated operations.

Extracted gas signals are shown in real time numerically and also as curves together with temperature level. Graphs are saved automatically.

Sample weight can be registered automatically in the measurement window. Results are stored in a data table for easy management.

HORIBA Originality-Maintenance Navigator

Maintenance counter informs users when to replace consumables  to maintain high accuracy.

The maintenance procedures are described step by step by the Maintenance Navigator.  No specific experience or technical knowledge is required from the operator to perform all required maintenance tasks.

Fully Supported Accessories for Simple Operation

The EMGA-920 can be equipped with  accessories for increased automation, leading to improved throughput and facilitated operation.

Automation System 1 – Automated Crucible Loader

Precise catch and positioning of crucibles by rotary engine (Maximum stock: 100 pcs normal and long type crucibles)

Automation System 2 - Auto cleaner and crucible waste box

Two rotating brushes clean the lower and upper electrode after each measurement. Dust is removed with the vacuum cleaner, preventing contamination.

Auto cleaner disposes the crucible after each measurement in the crucible waste box where approximately 200 pcs crucibles can be disposed.

Simple Operation

The EMGA-920 with two automation systems allows simple operation by just positioning the sample and pushing the start button after filling conditions and sample name, and provides clean measurement environment.

Improved Mechanism

Easy Replacement of Electrode and Reagent Tubes

Pressing the button on the maintenance navigator automatically stops the gas flow. The maintenance navigator then guides the operator to perform change of electrode and/or reagent tube.

The electrode can be changed without removing the upper electrode block and tubes. The operator only needs to remove the consumable part (Electrode tip).

EMGA-920 Electrode

EMGA-920 Electrode

EMGA-920 Reagent tubes

EMGA-920 Reagent tubes

Hopper Mechanism - Sample Window

The Hopper mechanism has been enhanced for easy cleaning and can be cleaned without removing the air cylinder.

Dual Sample/Flux Introduction Mechanism

Due to this mechanism, sample and flux drop independently allowing outgassing of the flux at low temperature before the analysis. The advantages are prevention of flux spatter, control of crucible corrosion, and optimization of flux outgassing temperature. As a result, optimization of flux efficiency without consequences on blank enables high accuracy measurements.

  • The crucible is out gassed by a high current
  • The flux is provided into the crucible and it is also out gassed
  • The sample drop into the crucible for analysis

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