Measure Fluorescence Lifetimes <100 ps - FluoroHub A+

The FluoroHub A+ is the ideal tool for research labs regularly measuring fluorescence lifetimes of less than 100 ps. Furthermore, the FluoroHub A+ is the optimal controller to fully leverage the available performance of MCP-based TCSPC systems.

It is easy to operate the FluoroHub A+. It can be connected to any PC or laptop using a single USB 2.0 connection because it does not need any PCI slots. This module measures lifetimes beyond 11 orders of magnitude without any expensive upgrades or extra cards—ideal for multi-user facilities with a variety of application needs.

Furthermore, the whole system is controlled from HORIBA’s user-friendly DataStation software.

For the Ultimate Performance in Sub 100 ps Lifetime Measurements

  • Low jitter of <3 ps RMS
  • Best timing resolution of 400 fs/point
  • Large measurement range of 5 ns to 22 s
  • Shortest lifetime is 5 ps


  • Comprehensive modern analysis software
  • Solve lifetimes from 5 ps to one second (depending on source and detector)
  • USB 2.0 data link
  • Connection to other components such as our optional DeltaDiode Picosecond light sources controller through downstream USB socket
  • Ultra-low timing jitter (<10 ps)
  • Direct connection to our proprietary SpectraLED phosphorescence sources
  • Optional driver card for our NanoLED nanosecond light sources for legacy systems


  • Stern-Volmer quenching
  • Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
  • Protein fluorescence
  • Anisotropy
  • Acquisition of short lifetimes
  • Lanthanide luminescence
  • Phosphorescence lifetimes and anisotropy

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