NIRS XDS RapidContent Analyzer for Non-destructive Analyses of Solid Powders, Coarser Granulates, Pellets or Flakes

The NIRS XDS RapidContent Analyzer is a device that facilitates fast and non-destructive analysis of coarser granulates, solid powders, flakes, or pellets. The material or composition identification testing is carried out, either at-line or in the laboratory, on the samples that are enclosed in bags, original packages or vials. An optional variable spot-size feature enables the illumination of the sample to be modified based on the physical properties of the samples.

The measurement of the liquid samples is successful since the NIRS Transflection Kit for liquid samples is added. The sample is centered with the help of the NIRS XDS iris, ensuring enhanced reproducibility of the analysis.

Metrohm offers versions with integrated mobile samples slides in X or XY direction. These versions are used for automatic examination of samples in tablets or vials in reflection, or for examination of bigger, non-homogeneous sample quantities.

  • NIRS XDS MultiVial Analyzer - Sample slide in XY direction
  • NIRS XDS RapidContent Analyzer – Solids: Sample slide in X direction

Optional Accessories

The optional accessories for the NIRS XDS RapidContent Analyzer are as follows:

  • 2.921.1120 - NIRS XDS RapidContent Analyzer – Solids
  • 2.921.1210 - NIRS XDS MultiVial Analyzer
  • 6.6069.412 - Vision 4.1
  • 6.7400.010 - NIRS Liquid Sample Kit Transflection
  • 6.7402.020 - NIRS disposable backs for 6.7402.030, 100 pcs.
  • 6.7402.030 - NIRS mini sample cups, 10 pcs. including 100 disposable backs
  • 6.7430.000 - NIRS XDS lab spare lamp
  • 6.7430.010 - NIRS XDS lab spare parts kit
  • 6.7430.020 - NIRS XDS Monochromator fan filter, 10 pcs.
  • 6.7450.000 - NIRS reflection standard, set of 2
  • 6.7450.010 - NIRS reflection standard, set of 7

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