Total Element Analyzing Module For Combined Analysis - TEAMworks

The TEAMworks developed for the metals sectors analyzes metal and oxidic samples across virtually the entire periodic table, with detection limits within the ppm-range.

TEAMworks is the result of the cooperative agreement between Panalytical and its German partner OBLF, the renowned experts in optical emission spectrometry (OES). Alternatively it is possible to manually operate independently both sub units without compromising total analysis speed performance.

The system is based on Panalytical's Axios FAST series of simultaneous spectrometers, integrated with a standard OBLF spark-based optical emission spectrometer.

Key Features

The key features of TEAMworks are:

  • TEAMworks benefits from off-the-shelf proven components and is mounted in a safety enclosure
  • This makes it a robust system that is reliable in harsh conditions
  • This unique, breakthrough system offers a space-saving footprint, extremely close coupling to sample preparation devices and an extended capacity by means of internal sample storage.

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