Data Collection and Analysis Software for XRF and XRD Applications

Panalytical provides data collection and analysis software that can be used for both XRD and XRF applications. All Panalytical instruments are available with the advanced and highly specialized software, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the analysis. The software is simple to use, and can be completely automated for the occasional user yet fully customizable for professionals. They come with comprehensive support, a liberal licensing policy meant to meet modern laboratory needs and support many instruments and data formats.

The X-ray diffraction software from Panalytical can be used for data collection and analysis for many X-ray scattering, X-ray diffraction, and X-ray imaging applications.

The X-ray fluorescence software for Panalytical XRF spectrometers is available with advanced and specialized software, this maximizes the effectiveness of the analysis that is performed using them.

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