ASD Indico® Pro Spectral Acquisition Software

The Indico® Pro is a complete data acquisition tool for generating, analyzing, printing, and saving analytical results rapidly and easily. Indico is configured to function with the LabSpec® line of lab based analyzers, the TerraSpec® line of mineral analyzers as well as FieldSpec® instruments for material qualification (classification) and quantification (concentration) analysis across a range of applications, including:

  • Raw material and active ingredient testing for dietary supplements and natural products
  • Lipid, protein and fatty acid analysis of grains and food products
  • Testing mineral content in soils

Indico® Pro flawlessly bridges the spectral data about a sample gathered using an ASD instrument with several prevalent chemometric software packages including The Unscrambler® by Camo Software and GRAMS Suite by Thermo Scientific. Also incorporated is ASD’s user friendly Rapid Classifier application for material qualification. The full package allows for:

  • Simultaneous, real-time analysis of multiple parameters
  • Fast and easy data acquisition
  • Easy storage and recollection of calibrations related to each application
  • Wireless and GPS functionality

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