The Claisse Fusion Monitor allows quick and error-free proactive monitoring for customers’ fusion instruments.

XRF laboratories must assure the quality of their analytical results and guarantee accurate and precise data by using quality control sample repeatedly.

Obtaining incorrect analytical results can impact manufacturing and commercial decisions which can be very expensive. Furthermore, the Fusion-XRF process remains offline until the source of the variability is systematically identified and eliminated. When the analytical results are found to be beyond the predefined criteria, planned actions are required. Since the analytical results can be impacted by several factors, troubleshooting steps may mostly prove to be expensive and time consuming.

Why use Fusion Monitors® in routine quality control process?

Fusion Monitors® are specially designed for fast, easy, and proactive quality assessment and monitoring of the fusion process. Made from a blend of pre-fused lithium borate flux and sample, the Fusion Monitors® are physically and chemically stable, autonomous of the sample preparation step, and help keep the focus on the stability of the fusion process over time.

Use Fusion Monitors® to:

1) Minimize Operational Downtime

  • Fusion Monitor's® is efficient in problem diagnosis and troubleshooting, and can identify the source of an issue when the control samples are over the specified range, therefore decreasing downtime.

2) Prevent Incoming Result Biases

  • Rapidly detecting biases caused during fusion process, Fusion Monitors® allow users to take proactive actions and rectify pending issues before the XRF results become impracticable.

3) Maintain Consistency in the Analytical Results

  • Fusion monitors® allow users to maintain result consistency by predicting and correcting the analytical biases before they impact manufacturing and commercial decisions.


Catalog Number Item Description
F-C420-60 Cement LiT/LiM/LiBr/Cement Type 10 45.23/45.23/0.45/9.09
F-I162-60 Iron ores LiT/LiM/LiBr/Iron ore 45.23/45.23/0.45/9.09

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