Fully Integrated Energy Dispersive XRF Spectrometer - Epsilon 1 Research and Education

The new Epsilon 1 for research and education provides pre-programmed ‘out-of-the-box’ XRF analysis from simple element identification and quantification to more sophisticated analysis.

Novel features such as a well designed optical path, a highly sensitive SDD detector system and a wide range of excitation capabilities (ranging from 10 to 50 kV for light and heavy elements) enable the Epsilon 1 to easily perform these crucial analytical procedures.

Designed with operational simplicity in mind, the Epsilon 1 makes Panalytical’s high standards of performance accessible to a broad range of operations, from academic research laboratories through to college and university classes.    

In a recent press release Pieter de Groot, Panalytical Corporate Marketing Director spoke about the Epsilon 1: “The Epsilon 1 is designed to offer the most accessible high performance XRF system available.

With this total solution package capable of offering high quality and flexible analysis the system is equally suited for both use in research projects and teaching. Designed with operational ease of use in mind the Epsilon 1 offers easily accessible pre-calibrated EDXRF analysis to a range of users, from experienced X-ray fluorescence specialists through to college and university students completely unfamiliar with the technique.”

Key Benefits

The key benefits of the Epsilon 1 are:

  • Simple to operate through the use of a touch screen
  • X-ray safety assured
  • High sensitivity through smart excitation and detection technology
  • Flexibility with full data treatment and application set-up
  • Enhanced by standardless analysis package
  • Worldwide service network

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