The Hydro Sight™ for the Mastersizer Range of Instruments

Malvern Panalytical’s Hydro Sight™ is an advanced additional component designed for the Mastersizer range. Hydro Sight™ provides quick visualization and evaluation of liquid particle dispersion during a measurement process.

Hydro Sight™ enables real-time particle observation in laser diffraction measurement flow, thus allowing a better understanding of the operations of stirring and sonication, and how surfactant and stabilizer addition influences dispersion.

Dispersion images/videos and dispersion metrics are readily made available by the one-click capture feature. This feature provides valuable and speedy supporting evidence to troubleshoot measurements and validate processes in accordance with ISO 13320:2009, USP<429>, and other related standards.

Key Features

The key features of the Hydro Sight™ include:

  • Automatic detection of abnormal particles
  • Monitor and comprehend dispersion trends
  • Visualize particles
  • Assess particle size and shape
  • Speedy validation of processes

Customer Testimonial

The benefits of using the Mastersizer 3000 have exceeded our expectations and have helped us to achieve our goals in creating precise, stable particle size distributions across all of our product lines.  It is, in short, a critical element of our quality control processes.

Chad Goodwin, Research Engineer, EnerG2

Hydro Sight for Mastersizer 3000 - See your dispersion

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