Claisse® LeDoser-12®: Just-in-Time Weighing for Optimum Accuracy and Repeatability

Claisse® LeDoser-12® is a 12-position weighing instrument which performs the tedious and time-consuming weighing step. Laboratory employees are then free to perform more valuable tasks! It automatically weighs samples and dispenses borate flux with high exactness - thereby saving up to 90% of labor time related to this step - so you get highly accurate XRF analytical results.

This instrument is a must-have in a laboratory as it guarantees reliable and high-quality analytical results without users becoming distracted or tired. Its three weighing modes (sample-to-flux ratio, catch weight and absolute weight) mean it can be seamlessly integrated into your laboratory procedures.

This LIMS-ready automatic dispensing balance can be interfaced with a barcode reader, promising sample traceability and easy data transfer. It also evades sample misidentification or inversion, vital to keeping high quality assurance.

By eliminating the pre-weighing step, ensuring constant sample throughput and prioritizing samples, LeDoser-12 instrument optimizes the synchronization of the sample preparation process and makes sure you get your samples ready just in time for fusion.

Feature Highlights

  • Quick ROI
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Safe and intuitive to use

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