The FieldSpec HandHeld 2 GPS receiver is mainly designed for working with this instrument and automatically records geographic coordinates for each spectrum file. This accessory speeds up data collection, simplifies location/spectrum correlation and removes the need for external location record keeping.

The GPS accessory can be used in a standalone mode with the HandHeld 2 or with the controlling computer in tethered mode. The HandHeld 2 may also work with any GPS unit that matches with NMEA 0183 GGA specifications.

The GPS receiver provides geographic coordinates that are saved with each corresponding spectrum file, whether the HandHeld is used in tethered or stand-alone mode. After collection, each set of global position data can be integrated with each spectrum file through the creation of a GPS log file. GPS log files contain the time, date, spectrum file name (including the directory path) and GPS data. The GPS log file is a text delimited file that can be used with GIS software programs for geospatial data management and analysis.

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