Insitec Spray System

The Insitec Spray is designed to withstand the rigors of the process environment and makes use of laser diffraction technology to measure dry particles and droplets from 0.1 µm to 2500 µm. The system can measure highly concentrated aerosols and sprays and offers real-time monitoring and control round the clock. Flexible configuration simplifies installation on the process with options for powder streams, completely customized configuration and pharmaceutical processes.

Insitec Spray particle size analyzers offer fully automated, in situ, real-time particle size measurement for sprays and aerosols. They are used for monitoring conditions in wind tunnels and atmospheric chambers, to characterize domestic aerosols and personal care products, and to monitor batch and continuous processes such as spray drying.

Key Features

The key features of the Insitec Spray system are:

  • Base model hardware manufactured to GAMP5 standards and compatible with CIP/SIP requirements to meet specific manufacturing specifications
  • Easy-to-use software and fully automated operation to minimize training requirements and release operator time
  • Integration with existing control platforms to simplify development of automated control protocols.
  • High reliability of >95% with little downtime, minimal maintenance and maximum ROI

Customer Testimonial

Because we wanted to test every single grinder that comes off the assembly line, measurement speed was critically important to us. Insitec quantifies grinder performance in real-time. The interface we’ve developed then guides the assembly line worker as to any corrective action required to ensure that this performance meets our defined specification. The results are tagged to the specific grinder so we have an audit trail for every single coffee maker that leaves the site.

Robert Pezzutto, Quality Control Manager, De'Longhi

Insitec: on-line particle size analysis for automated milling control

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