ASD Ergonomic Pro-Pack Backpack

The ASD Ergonomic Pro-Pack Backpack pushes field portability to a greater level for LabSpec®, FieldSpec®, and TerraSpec® customers requiring the ultimate in portability.

Built using ultra-tough but lightweight material, the Ergonomic Pro-Pack Backpack weighs just 5.5 lb (2.49 kg). The Pro-Pack Backpack positions the center of mass a lot closer to the body, and the easily modifiable 'one size fits all' frame houses all body types for greater ergonomics.

Furthermore, the Pro-Pack is provided as a standard with:

  • Built-in ‘Pull-out' waterproof rain hood
  • Larger storage pockets to hold the notebook controller and accessories
  • Snap-on spool holder for protective storage of the fiber optic cable
  • Soft-sided travel case for backpack to make travel easy

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