The Parsum IPP 70 S is lightweight, compact and can be installed easily. The probe offers in situ, real-time size and velocity measurements for solid particles up to 6000 µm in size. Dustproof and waterproof, and requiring no sampling or calibration, it offers continuous process monitoring at high and fluctuating solids loadings, even for abrasive, greasy or sticky particles. Parsum IPP 70 S is the standard instrument option. It is used in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries for endpoint detection, process control/optimization and real-time QC and is applied in unit operations such as grinding, agglomeration, granulation, sieving and spray drying.

Key Features

The key features of the Parsum IPP 70 S are:

  • It is lightweight and easy to install for rapid integration into new and existing processing plant
  • Has a wide dynamic range for particles from 50 to 6000µm travelling at up to 50m/s
  • Has a reproducible measurement at high solids loadings even with irregularly moving particles - ideal for fluidized bed monitoring
  • Enables real-time measurement and feedback via comprehensive, customizable software
  • No sampling or calibration is needed
  • Range of accessories enables application for abrasive, greasy, sticky and adherent particles

Customer Testimonial

In our research we look at all aspects of PAT. We focus not only on assessing different technologies and instrumentation for monitoring, but on applying the resulting data to process control. Using Parsum we have tracked the evolution of particle size in real time during fluidized bed granulations. The data provide detailed information during Design of Experiment (DoE) studies and enable us to develop models for real-time batch evaluation. These models help drive effective automated process control and reduce batch release times, both of which are important goals for pharmaceutical processors.

Professor Thomas De Beer, Process Analytical Technology, Ghent University

Parsum in-line particle size analyser using spatial filter velocimetry

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