The Claisse LeDoser can help users to scale up their analytical precision.

The LeDoser automatic weigher is precisely designed to weigh and dispense borate flux with high precision. It is more than a weighing device: it is a crucial instrument to attain constant, on target results, and efficient laboratory management.

The LeDoser instrument has three different weighing modes:

  • Catch weight
  • Flux to sample ratio
  • Absolute weight

The fact that one can choose the most suitable mode ensures a smooth integration in laboratory standard operating procedure. Furthermore, the tank stirrer option ensures that LeDoser performance is constant for low and high throughput. It is also LIMS ready and the data transfer is simple and direct.

Users can get peace of mind and focus on more valuable tasks by allowing this automated instrument to work for them. The automated and constant weighing also prevents calculation errors and fatigue for an increased accuracy and reproducibility. This instrument reduces repetitive strain injuries (RSI) arising from weighing related tasks, hence enhancing the operators' safety.

The LeDoser is fitted with industrial grade balance made from innovative weighing system technology for unparalleled robustness.

Other benefits of using the LeDoser instrument

  • Easy to use
  • Quick ROI
  • Low cost of ownership

Instrument Specifications

. .
Electrical: Voltage: 100-240 V
Current: 1 A
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: Height: 50.5 cm (20 in.)
Depth: 50.5 cm (20 in.)
Width: 30.5 (12 in.)
Weight: 19 kg (42 lb.)



Catalog Number Item Description
PRK-DR001 LeDOSER For the automated weighing of borate flux.

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