ASD Fiber Optic Cables

Regardless of the application, ASD is capable of providing a fiber optic cable that best matches the customer’s analysis requirements.

ASD offers cables in two types, PVC and ruggedized, with a stainless steel cover.

The PVC cable is mostly sufficient for a number of applications; however the ruggedized cable offers advantages for those who are performing research in a more challenging environment.

Some benefits of each type are listed below.

PVC Cable

  • Easy to clean
  • The cable is flexible and easy to operate in different positions – however, bear in mind to not overstretch or crush the cable
  • The PVC sheath helps maintain the fiber optic cable from getting crimped or pinched, which can crush the fibers inside and result in loss of signal

Ruggedized Cable

  • A Kevlar fiber is embedded in the cable, which helps prevent the cable from pulling on the fibers if stretched
  • An interlocking sheath is provided to help prevent the cable from stretching when the cable is pulled lengthwise
  • A much stronger bond between the stainless steel tip and the SMA connector and the metal sheath at the instrument connection

fiber optic cable

A range of lengths and bundle sizes, with the connectors specific to the system and accessories, are available.

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