MiniMill 2 Sample Preparation System

With the compact MiniMill 2, samples can be ground at low cost with a high degree of reproducibility. The bench-top MiniMill 2 is based on the principle of planetary ball mills with just one grinding bowl holder. Grinding bowl in sizes 80 - 500ml. speeds of up to 600rpm, new electronic system with timer and programmable reversing unit, short grinding times and high fineness ratings make the MiniMill 2 an ideal sample preparation tool for subsequent spectro-analytical work.

Typical applications of the MiniMill 2 sample prepartion system include :

  • Sample preparation for X-ray fluorescence, chemistry, geology, mineralogy, ceramic
  • Initial sample size less then 10mm final fineness about 1 micron
  • The 80ml bowl is an ideal choice for X-ray fluorescence analysis

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