ASD RS3 Spectral Acquisition Software

The remote sensing data acquisition and analysis software is designed for use with ASD spectroradiometers, with the extra advantages of Ethernet and wireless functionality. RS3 has Windows® friendly advanced features, which include settings recollection upon start-up and shut-down, GPS compatibility, and easy-to-navigate menus that facilitate simple and convenient data collection for applications such as:

  • Atmospheric research
  • Light energy measurements
  • Spectroradiometric calibrations
  • Ecology, forestry, and plant physiology studies

ASD's RS3 Windows-compatible user interface software can be used for data collection, storage and display of DN, averaging, reflectance, radiance or irradiance spectra in 'real-time.'

Some additional features and benefits of the RS3 software include:

  • Ethernet, wireless and GPS compatibility
  • View up to five previous spectral scans while simultaneously collecting new spectra
  • Reports saturation without interfering with workflow
  • Includes ViewSpec™ Pro* post-processing software

Records both the reference and sample scan in one file when gathering reflectance or transmission, which means the raw sample and reference scans can always be recovered, allowing for data correction or later processing

*The included ViewSpec™ Pro software allows users to view, manipulate, plot and print collected spectra with easy to use, menu based navigation.

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