The Rapid Analysis Probe is precisely designed for speedy spectral collection of powders and other fine-grained materials such as small uniform grains and seeds. Its beveled tip and metal jacket significantly accelerate the spectral collection process of fine grained materials to improve workflow. The Rapid Analysis Probe can be easily inserted into a user’s fine-grained media to collect the spectrum, and then a chemical wipe can be used to swipe the probe clean and move on to the next sample. It’s that simple.

The Rapid Analysis Probe is provided with a gimbaled white reference for high performance calibration. It can be used for quantitative predictive models.

In case this probe is used with a spectrometer such as a TerraSpec mineral analyzer or a LabSpec lab analyzer without an integrated light source, a Fiber Optic Illuminator is needed. The Fiber Optic Illuminator offers the light source required for sample collection.

Technical Specifications

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Length: 21.6 cm (8.5")
Spot size: 4 mm

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