Zetasizer Pro - Providing Precise Measurement of Particle and Molecular Size

The Zetasizer Pro is a versatile and robust system that allows for particle and molecular size measurement. It can also measure electrophoretic mobility and zeta potential of nanoparticles. Size measurements with the Zetasizer Pro are three times as quick in comparison to previous models, which accelerates sample throughput and frees up operator and system time for other tasks.

The system is appropriate even for beginner users, because of its intuitive interface and deep learning empowered data quality advice, allowing them to achieve high quality measurements. The advice system provides advice on how to overcome issues that may arise.


A Non-Invasive Back Scatter (NIBS®) technology is incorporated in the Zetasizer Pro in order to achieve precise measurement of particle and molecular size over an extended concentration range.

The M3-PALS technology allows zeta and electrophoretic mobility measurements. The Constant Current Mode addition for electrophoretic mobility and zeta potential measuring in high conductivity media reduces the possibility of errors with charge screening at higher ion concentrations.

A large number of cuvettes are available for multiple measurement applications. Capillary cells that are disposable and affordable allow for measurement in very low sample volumes with the help of the patented diffusion barrier method without direct sample-electrode contact.

How it Works

The Zetasizer Pro is one compact unit with two separate technologies, Dynamic Light Scattering and Electrophoretic Light Scattering, which provide a variety of options and accessories to achieve optimal and simple measurement of various samples types.

Zetasizer Pro: Providing Precise Measurement of Particle and Molecular Size

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